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For a long time, the fitness industry has been telling us that we need to “eat less and move more” to lose weight. The theory behind this is that you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight (burning more calories than you take in). But like so many things to do with the human body, things get very complicated quickly, and this goes double for women – which is why this advice does not work for many women.

What really happens when women count calories. What no one is talking about is the fact that when calories are dropped, the body takes evasive action and drives up cravings, tiredness and hunger. It also lowers thyroid production to slowdown the metabolism. It does all of this to make us eat more and expend less calorie consumption – to cancel out our efforts.

Here’s what you must know : body weight is controlled by the brain. Our drive to eat, the cravings we experience, our hunger levels and our energy levels are all managed by the brain. The same is true of our metabolism. This is the inconvenient truth that the exercise industry doesn’t want people to know. It’s also the reason why women have such a hard time shedding the weight. The real reason you can’t lose weight

The reason the mind fights back against weight loss is because the brain wants us all at the weight we’re at right now. This is known as a body weight “set point” in the scientific literature.

The brain’s job is to keep us at that specific weight. If you overeat calories, then your brain will make you less hungry, it will lower cravings and it will increase the metabolism. All to bring your weight back to the “set point”. If you under-eat calories in that case your brain does the opposite; driving up cravings, hunger and tiredness. The rate of metabolism also slows.

The best example of this is the Biggest Loser TV show contestants. In a recent study, researchers found that the competitors had their metabolism’s slow by 704 calories per day. So, take two identical people, same weight, same height, same body fat %. One can eat 2,000 calories a day to maintain their excess weight, whereas the other is forced to consume

only 1,296 calories. That’s not all the bad news unfortunately. This study was done a whole SIX YEARS after the TV show had ended. The contestants hadn’t given up on their weight loss, but neither had their brains – and the brain always wins!

How to harness the fat burning capacity to slim down. It’s not absolutely all bad news however, because while the metabolism fights pounds loss, when they force their body to eat fewer calories, there is a way to get that metabolism to actually help weight loss efforts.The clue of how to do this is found in that body weight “set point” we discussed earlier. There’s a reason why some people have a high body weight “set stage” and others have a low “set point” – why many people can consume what they like and never gain an ounce, and why some people have to be so careful about what they eat, and still have excess fat on their body.

The latest science is revealing a path to slimness that the fitness industry has completely ignored. What if someone can lower their brain’s “set point”?! Then the brain will actually help someone get results. Their metabolism will in actuality speed up to help weight reduction. Their energy levels will increase and their cravings and food cravings will disappear. All of a sudden, the task becomes much easier (but still not easy, sorry).

There are several factors that lead to a higher than desired “set point”, but the most important is the complexity of modern food. We have so many different flavors packed into modern processed food that the mind gets overwhelmed and raises that “set stage”. In studies, when they simplify the diet, weight loss of up one pound (0.5 kilos) is possible. Without hunger, tiredness and slowing of the rate of metabolism. So, the takeaway is: eat simple foods, basically what your grandparents would consider meals, not the highly engineered, processed “food” were marketed these days.

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